Embedded Works

Integration Engineering Services

Embedded Works understands that getting your wireless product to market is a multi-dimensional technical feat which involves planning and design expertise across many engineering disciplines. In fact, most companies do not possess all the in-house RF expertise required to get from

concept >> proto-type >> certification >> production.

Embedded Works is experienced in the challenges of embedded RF integration, hence we offer design assistance at all levels of the design chain. Our extensive network of RF designers, chipset vendors, device drivers & protocol stack developers assures that as your 'extended' engineering team, we will meet your design needs ON BUDGET and ON TIME! Contact our sales engineers for a free consultation with your embedded & wireless projects!


Design Services

Wireless Consultation RF Design Hardware Design Software Design Compliance Certification
  • Wireless Technology & Feature Selection
  • Hardware & Software Tradeoff Analysis
  • Architecture Planning
  • WLAN Site Survey
  • Project Management
  • Procurement Services Cost & BOM Reduction Analysis
  • RF & Microwave Design
  • Antenna Analysis
  • Custom Antenna Design
  • Mixed Signal Designs
  • FHSS & DSSS Systems
  • Filter Design
  • Reference Designs
  • Turn-Key Design
    • Industrial Handhelds
    • Tablet PC, Consumer
    • Medical Equipment
    • Access Point
    • Cellular Modem
  • Multi-CPU Porting
    • Intel PXA, SH4, PowerPC
  • PCB Design
  • Failure Analysis & Verification
  • Custom Device Drivers
  • Software Platform Port
    • Linux , WinXP, Custom
    • WinCE, PPC, PALM
  • WLAN 802.11a/b/g
    • Drivers (Object/Source) Station & Access Point
  • Security:
    • WPA, WPA2, CCX, AES
  • Bluetooth Stack
    • HCI, SPP, DUN, Headset
  • Zigbee Stack
  • FCC Part 15
  • Industry Canada
  • European Union R&TTE
  • EMC / CE / SAR
  • Certification Assistance:
    • WiFi Compliance
    • Bluetooth Compliance