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GPS Solutions from LeadTek Technology

Embedded Works is pleased to offer GPS solutions from LeadTek Technology. The company has its core competence in their GPS ASIC and kernel firmware processing, delivering a diverse offering of GPS OEM and End-User products. LeadTek has been dedicated to developing a series of engine board modules, GPS data loggers and nautical smart antennas for all NMEA type of applications, with focus on low-power consumption, high-speed performance, competitive prices and easy-to-use software. LeadTek's manufacturing includes ISO 9001/ 14001, QS-9000 certified facilities featuring design, assembly, functional-test and environmental-testing capabilities. Leadtek

About GPS - Global Positioning System

GPS has become the global wireless standard used for location, timing and synchronization information. This 24-Satellite Constellation system is openly available for public use, and can be detected anywhere in the world there is open-sky sight. Since May 1st 2000, the commercial GPS signal (L1) is now accurate to an average of <10 meters. Other methods such as DGPS can get within < 1 meter! Popular GPS Applications include:
- Mapping - Find your destination path in relation to where you are located.
- Personal Locator - Find out where a person (or pet) is located.
- Timing Synchronization - Synchronize your cellular / network station to the most accurate atomic clock in the world.

GPS is generally considered a one-way wireless technology since it only provides location / timing information at the intended receiver. However, when used in conjunction with other wireless technologies, GPS enhances the capability of today's hottest wireless technologies: GPS + ZigBee, GPS + Bluetooth, GPS + WiFi ( 802.11a/b/g ), GPS + Cellular.

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