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Cellular Data Plans for M2M Applications

Need a cellular data plan to fit your embedded M2M needs? In fact, most of our customers require only a few hundred kilobytes to less than 2 MB per month for their embedded application. Whether you are looking for less than 100kB per month or up to 20 MB per month, see why an M2M service provider is the clear winner. Our data plans are tailor-made for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.
Our network currently covers over 60+ countries and growing.

SIM Card

(M2M) Machine Friendly Data Plans
Whether you are connecting your device once per month or using high-bandwidth applications, we offer plans that cater towards your needs. Our monthly plans start as small as 100kB, 250kB, 500kB, 1MB, 5MB and up to UNLIMITED usage plans.

Regional or Global SIM Cards

If your device needs to operate across borders or requires multi-country use, we offer data plans that can seamlessly roam on different carrier networks. We also offer a single GLOBAL SIM which gives you un-bounded cellular service if needed.
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