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IoT in a Box™ Temperature and Humidity Sensor Kit for Restaurant & Food Services

Temperature Sensor Kit for Restaurant & Food Services



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  • Device Type: Complete Monitoring Kits
  • Application: Refrigeration Monitoring
  • Technology: LoRaWAN Compliant
  • Sensor Type: Temperature / Humidity
  • Power:

  • Ideal solution for Walk-in, Cooler, Freezer, and Meal Safety Monitoring
  • Includes 1 x Gateway and 1 x Temperature / Humidity Sensor with Probe
  • First Year of Monitoring Service for upto 10 x Sensors Included
  • Set-up in less than 5-minutes
  • Monitor temperature status through our Mobile App
  • Monitor multiple sensors at multiple locations
  • Set email and SMS text message alerts for yourself and others
  • Add additional IoT in a Box™ compatible sensors and expand your IoT environment

Ensure food quality, regulatory compliance, and protect your valuable inventory with 24/7 fully-automated temperature monitoring protection.

Food storage temperature monitoring is vital for food freshness. School cafeteria temperature monitoring is vital for your studentsí health. Maintain proper temperatures and reduce the risk of costly spoilage while meeting HACCP requirements with temperature record keeping. Monitor all of your food storage equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and receive instant alerts should any readings fall out of range.

Temperature Monitoring Applications Include:

  • Restaurant & Food Services
  • Pharmaceutical Refrigeration
  • School Cafeterias
  • Perishable Food Manufacturing
  • Meat Packing & Storage
  • Supermarkets & Convenience Stores

Contact us for custom IoT in a Box™ packages and unique applications that can meet all your monitoring needs!
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